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THE FLOWER OF LOVE sign with FYC Records!!!

I am extremely excited and honored to announce that THE FLOWER OF LOVE belong to the Roster of FYC Records. Here are some info for this new project of Babis Nikou (Angel’s Arcana, Hada) and Raph…

Extreme Earslaughter Records updates!!!

New releases of this unique, honorable underground label have been received!!! Note that all these are sold out from the label, so be quick!!! ΟΛΙΚΗ ΑΡΝΗΣΗ ΑΞΙΩΝ – DEMO 2021 YAKUZA – DEMO …

Gin Lane signs with FYC Records!!!

Gin Lane is the solo project of Father W., the man behind Dødsferd, Grab, Drunk Motherfuckers and many other underground bands. He created them after he left the city of Athens in the end of 2017 and …

New stuff received from Drakkar Records!!! Distro updated!!!

New stuff has been received at the FYC Headquarters by one of the most respectful underground labels in Europe, Drakkar Records!!! Honored also working with Drakkar Records for distributing in Europe …

FYC announces the release of Dødsferd’s latest opus on Vinyl Format in the end of 2022!!!

FYC Records has managed to schedule the release of Dødsferd’s most soulraping album, “Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind II” on Trifold Heavy Black LP, on November 6th, of 2022, limit…