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G.N.L.S. (Geometric Nictation of Lament’s Space) sign with FYC Records!

G.N.L.S. has signed a deal with FYC Records. The new claustrophobic project of Wrath (Dødsferd, Grab) and m.Sarvok (Sarvok) will be released by FYC Records in multiple formats in 2023. Wrath states: &…

Dødsferd’s new acoustic, experimental, dark ambient album, a collaboration with Sarvok, soon to be released by FYC Records!

Wrath’s writings on the new collaboration album with Sarvok “In the end of 2022, on our late night meetings with m.Sarvok, jamming, drinking the fruits of hell and having our long discussi…

The Metal Wanderlust / Video Premiere: Servants of Ego and Filth: The Bastard Sons of Nature – Dødsferd

Yet again, we here at TMW have been given the honour of working alongside the mighty FYC Records to further the cause of outright hate and loathing for mankind that founder Nikolaos Spanakis has been …

“The Giant’s Fall” Sign with FYC Records!!!!

With Great honor, FYC Records will release in the beginning of 2023 the debut album of “The Giant’s Fall” in limited Digi CD, plus Merch!!! It’s been for years that Mikebass (e…

Manos Six and the Muddy Devil 6-Panel Digi CD Release, plus Merch, out on October 31st / Release Show at Temple, Athens