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G.N.L.S. (Geometric Nictation of Lament’s Space) sign with FYC Records!

    G.N.L.S. has signed a deal with FYC Records. The new claustrophobic project of Wrath (Dødsferd, Grab) and m.Sarvok (Sarvok) will be released by FYC Records in multiple formats in 2023.

    Wrath states:

    “In the end of 2019 we created a new project, that we named it, G.N.L.S. (Geometric Nictation of Lament’s Space) in order to satisfy the voices in our heads. Our restless spirits and our long discussions on the constant decay of this world and humanity led us to this bastard creation.”

    In 2020 the first single, “Vulnerable Secret” was released in digital format, through the Official YouTube Channel of FYC Records / Dødsferd (, from the upcoming debut album, “Conspiracy of Thoughts”.

    Here is the final artwork of the album:

    Logo of G.N.L.S. was created by Nikos Stavridakis (VisionBlack).

    Mick Alexandrakis (Black Screen Graphic Design), undertook the task of graphic Design / Layout.

    Nasos Nomikos (Vu Productions Mastering Studio), worked on the mastering of the album!

    Track List:

    1. An Open Wound to Heal the Wreckage of Humanity
    2. Flaming Treasures of Knowledge and Sin
    3. The Youth of Today, the Corpses of Tomorrow
    4. Vulnerable Secret
    5. The Frustrating Collapse of Soul and Body
    6. The Prosperity of an Incomplete Burden

    All Music by m.Sarvok / All Lyrics by Wrath

    Wrath – All Vocals
    m.Sarvok – Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, Samples, Sound Design

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