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Label Update: FYC Records & Distro – Autumn 2022, Article by The Metal Wanderlust

    With great pleasure and respect I present you a new article by my brothers and allies from the Metal Wanderlust, Joel Wukotich and Andrew Cook, on the latest releases of FYC Records. Reviews and Interviews of “Manos Six and the Muddy Devil” and “Drunk Motherfuckers” as also an interview of mine for future plans of the label, my music, bands / projects and my new book.

    Label Update: FYC Records & Distro – Autumn 2022 by Joel Wukotich/Vuk and Andrew Cook

    The Metal Wanderlust has not hidden its collective admiration for Dødsferd mastermind Nikolaos Spanakis. Known by many simply as Wrath, for over two decades Nik’s tireless activity and support for the underground have earned him every ounce of respect he demands simply by remaining true to himself at every fork in the road. 

    Nikolaos started FYC Records & Distro in 2019 with the idea of curating his own community based on trust and mutual respect and loyalty to the underground movement. “There are no posers on my label,” he says, “no fascists, no mass trends (to follow). People who respect my vision for an underground scene worthy enough to create its own legacy.” 

    With this in mind, TMW plans to check in with Father Wrath every few months to chat about how this vision is developing and some of the ideas behind the music he chooses to release on FYC. All of it is very personal to him, which quickly becomes obvious to anyone who asks. Approachable, kind-hearted, and deeply passionate about both creating and discovering art that wears its honesty like a favorite sweater, Nikolaos Spanakis is a treasured friend of TMW and we are honored to support his vision.

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