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INsCissorS, Cinematic Ambient Pioneers, Sign with FYC Records for their new album!!!

    With great honor, I welcome in the family of FYC Records a really unique person Vincent Andelmoth and his magnificent project, INsCissorS.

    Signed with FYC Records for their upcoming album in summer of 2024. More details will follow really soon!

    Vincent States:

    “It’s been a while since the last INsCissorS release!
    So, it’s about time we change that!
    I am proud to announce the signing of my upcoming album under the banner of FYC Records !!!
    Stay tuned for more info and details soon!”

    Some things you need to know about this great man and his project:

    “iNsCissorS were formed in 1999 as the solo project of Vincent Andelmoth. After several demo releases, in 2007 the debut album “The Veratrine Evangelicum” was released by No Angels Prod.

    To date, iNsCissorS have released 4 full-length albums, the latest being “The Circus Of Ichneumons” (Zoharum, 2014).

    After 2007, the project started performing live, giving several headline & solo shows all over Greece, as well as participating in festivals and opening for major acts of the scene in Greece and abroad, the most notable being Raison D’être (2007), Attrition (2013), In Slaughter Natives (2014), Dernière Volonté (2015), Garden of Delight (2016) & Diary of Dreams (2017).

    iNsCissorS have been collaborating with film director John Santerineross (Photographer/image maker & film director) since 2009, composing the original scores for his short films “Destin”, “Doll Maker” (John Santerineross & Daikichi Amano), “Moon”, “Gears”, “MaKu”, “Words”, “Sitala” & “Church”. The OST of “Destin” was released by No Angels Prod, and in addition to the original score, the release included remixes of it by Raison D’être, H.E.R.R., Hoarfrost, Inner Vision Laboratory & Simon Kölle.

    In 2011 the project created a unique musical piece for the fashion show of Christina Scarpeli (Scarp) in Athens Exclusive Designers Week.

    In 2013 the promo video of the fall collection for Wesc Clothing Company contained a composition specially commissioned for the film.

    iNsCissorS have participated in numerous compilations and split albums with remixes and special editions of several tracks from the band’s discography.

    iNsCissorS have also released an album in collaboration with Aima Lichtblau of Les Jumeaux Discordants / Caverna Delle Rose.